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Let's Start with a Pawsitive Note


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While I love writing Young Adult novels for a generation born to change the world, I’m also an eternal lover of all things mystery, fantasy, and sci-fi. I’m currently working on a Sherlock Holmes-esque, queer mystery series set in Victorian England and an adult fantasy series inspired by the Mahabharata. 

I generally aim to write two books a year: one for young adults and one for adults. My characters are people of different races, religions, and sexualities, and people with mental/physical disabilities. Plot twists are my absolute favorite, with all of my books featuring something extraordinary. I try to make my endings uplifting and inspiring, even when they can’t be perfectly happy. My humans also write poetry, short stories, blogs, and more. I will share some of them here soon.

I believe books can change the world through their readers. That’s you.


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I’m Rishi Mohan, the dog and penname of authors Janani Mohan, Isvari Maranwe, and Nathan Maranwe. We’re avid writers and enjoy bringing to life diverse characters in unexpected situations. Want to read about an Indian lesbian girl who gets stuck in the South during a pandemic? Or a group of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim teenagers coming of age in Virginia? You’ve come to the right place!

A bit more about my humans – Janani is a policy analyst with experience across think tanks, nonprofits, and the U.S. government focusing on South Asia and the Middle East. Isvari is a national security and cybersecurity attorney with a background in column writing and physics who has worked across the U.S. government. Nathan is a public interest attorney who has worked in veterans’ rights, criminal justice reform, and COVID-19 response.

Janani is a content editor for the Stimson Center and was the President of a community college newspaper while still in high-school. Isvari has over 300K active LinkedIn followers, has given many speeches including two TEDx talks, and is a columnist whose work has appeared in The Boston Globe, The Washington Times, and LinkedIn. All three of my humans have extensive policy and legal writing experience and write frequently for Medium, where they’ve been featured on Gen, P.S. I Love You, Startup, and other major publications.

In 2020, the four of us co-founded Dweebs Global, an international nonprofit dedicated to making the world a better place and providing free mentorship. I serve as a non-voting board member, where I do none all of the work.  If you want writing tips, advice, or a free query letter edit, reach out to Dweebs.

If you want to get in touch, contact me below! Please do not use this for Dweebs or other enquiries.


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